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Ace Wc Bleach Gel 700ml

Ace Wc Bleach Gel 700ml

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The "Ace WC Bleach Gel 700ml" is a powerful cleaning solution designed to effectively clean and disinfect toilet bowls. This bleach gel is a product of the Ace brand, renowned for its effective cleaning products. The 700ml packaging ensures that there is a generous amount of product for multiple uses. Ideal for maintaining hygiene in the bathroom, this bleach gel is categorized under Cleaning and specifically under Bleach, highlighting its specialized use. The SKU for this product is 8001480020375. Its gel formulation allows for better clinging to surfaces for a more thorough clean​

This product can be described as:

  • Product Name: Ace WC Bleach Gel
  • Volume: 700ml
  • Category: Cleaning, Bleach
  • SKU: 8001480020375
  • Brand: Ace
  • Description: This bleach gel is specially formulated for toilet bowls, offering both cleaning and disinfecting properties. It's designed to cling to surfaces, providing a deep clean and effectively removing stains and germs for a hygienic bathroom environment.
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