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Agnesi Cannelloni 250g

Agnesi Cannelloni 250g

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The "Agnesi Cannelloni 250g" is a premium pasta product from the renowned Agnesi brand, known for its high-quality pasta offerings. This package contains 250g of cannelloni, a type of pasta that is traditionally filled with various ingredients and then baked. It's categorized under Frozen Food, indicating its convenience and ease of preparation. The SKU for this product is 8001200320853, ensuring easy identification for purchase. This Agnesi Cannelloni is ideal for creating a range of delicious, oven-baked pasta dishes, offering a versatile base for numerous recipes​

This product can be described as:

  • Product Name: Agnesi Cannelloni
  • Weight: 250g
  • Category: Frozen Food
  • SKU: 8001200320853
  • Brand: Agnesi
  • Description: Perfect for pasta enthusiasts and home cooks, this cannelloni offers a classic Italian pasta experience. It's suitable for stuffing with various fillings like cheese, meat, or vegetables, and then baking to perfection, making it a fantastic choice for a hearty and satisfying meal.
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