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COOP Amici Speciali Biscuits For Dog 150g

COOP Amici Speciali Biscuits For Dog 150g

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The "Coop Amici Speciali Biscuits for Dog 150g" is a nutritious and delicious treat for dogs, from the Coop brand. These biscuits are specifically formulated for canine dietary needs, offering a healthy and enjoyable snack option for your pet. Packed in a convenient 150g size, they are perfect for rewarding good behavior or as a snack between meals. The product falls under the categories of Dog Food, and more specifically, Canned - Pouches & Trays Dog Food, indicating its suitability for a range of dog breeds and sizes. The SKU for this product is 8001120972309, making it easy to locate and purchase for pet owners​

This product can be described as:

  • Product Name: Coop Amici Speciali Biscuits for Dog
  • Weight: 150g
  • Category: Dog Food, Canned - Pouches & Trays Dog Food
  • SKU: 8001120972309
  • Brand: Coop
  • Description: Ideal for dog owners looking for a high-quality, tasty treat for their pets, these biscuits are made with ingredients that support the health and well-being of dogs. Their size and texture are suitable for dogs of various ages and sizes, making them a versatile and appealing choice for your canine companion.
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