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The "Golden Harvest Jumbo" is an 800g loaf of white bread that combines convenience and quality. This product is part of the Golden Harvest range, well-known for their bakery items. The bread is categorized under Bakery, Bread & Rolls, and Sandwich White, indicating its suitability for a broad range of uses, from sandwiches to toast. Its larger size caters to families or individuals seeking a generous quantity of bread for various meals. The SKU for this item is 5351908002517, making it easy to identify and order. The Golden Harvest Jumbo is a reliable choice for those who appreciate a classic, soft, and versatile white bread​

This bread can be described as:

  • Product Name: Golden Harvest Jumbo
  • Weight: 800g
  • Category: Bakery, Bread & Rolls, Sandwich White
  • SKU: 5351908002517
  • Brand: Golden Harvest
  • Description: Perfect for households that enjoy the simple pleasure of fresh white bread, this loaf is ideal for creating sandwiches, toast, and other culinary creations. Its jumbo size ensures ample servings, making it a practical addition to any kitchen.
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