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The "Jesper White Sliced" is a premium 600g loaf of sliced white bread. It is an essential bakery item that seamlessly fits into various meal plans and culinary preparations. This bread is ideal for crafting sandwiches, toasts, and other dishes that require a soft, yet sturdy base. Classified under Bakery, Bread & Rolls, and Sandwich White categories, it highlights its versatility and suitability for both savory and sweet applications. The Jesper White Sliced bread is a product of the Jesper brand, known for its commitment to quality and taste. Its SKU is 5350128000013, indicating its unique identification within the product range​

This bread can be described as:

  • Product Name: Jesper White Sliced
  • Weight: 600g
  • Category: Bakery, Bread & Rolls, Sandwich White
  • SKU: 5350128000013
  • Brand: Jesper
  • Description: A perfect choice for families and individuals alike, this bread offers a delicious, fluffy texture, making it an ideal choice for breakfast toasts, lunchtime sandwiches, or even as a side for dinner soups and salads. Its larger size ensures that it can cater to more servings, making it both a practical and delightful option for various meals.
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