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Jesper Wholemeal Country Loaf 500g

Jesper Wholemeal Country Loaf 500g

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The "Jesper Wholemeal Country Loaf" is a nourishing and hearty 500g wholemeal bread that provides a wholesome option for health-conscious consumers. Part of the Jesper brand, this loaf is characterized by its rich, whole grain content, making it a nutritious choice for a variety of meals. The bread falls under the categories of Bakery, Bread & Rolls, and Sandwich Brown & Multigrain, indicating its suitability for a range of culinary uses from sandwiches to toast. The SKU for this product is 5350128000044, ensuring easy identification and purchase. Its robust flavor and texture make it an excellent choice for those seeking a more substantial, fiber-rich bread option​

This bread can be described as:

  • Product Name: Jesper Wholemeal Country Loaf
  • Weight: 500g
  • Category: Bakery, Bread & Rolls, Sandwich Brown & Multigrain
  • SKU: 5350128000044
  • Brand: Jesper
  • Description: Ideal for health-conscious individuals, this wholemeal loaf brings a rustic and satisfying experience to the dining table. Its dense, nutrient-rich profile makes it a perfect companion for both sweet and savory toppings, enhancing every meal from breakfast to dinner.
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